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Get Help

A. How are clients referred to Nu Life Outreach (NLO)?

NLO partners with shelters and agencies in the Atlanta area. These agencies screen clients and refer them to NLO. Clients are seen on a referral basis only.

B. Can someone use NLO more than once?

No. Clients can only use NLO services once in a lifetime.

C. Is there a yearly fee to be a NLO referring agency?

No. There is no cost in become a referring agency; however, agencies are required to meet with our Agency Coordinator and participate in an orientation to learn our policies and procedures and to get the referral paperwork. To find out how NLO can help your clients, please call our office at 404-399-3347 or e-mail to

We are here to help!

We are here to help!

D. Is there a minimum number of clients an agency can refer in a year?

No. Agencies can refer as many or as few clients in a year as necessary.

E. What does a client typically receive from NLO?

Clients are guaranteed a bed (mattress & box spring) for every member of their family and/or a monetary donation for security deposits and utilities. Other items are based on availability. According to the household count, we try to provide essential needs for all members of the family.

F. Are there any fees associated with receiving furniture from NLO?

No, not at this time.