About Us

About Us

Mother With Children In Park

Battered women who find their way out of a violent environment are in need of new beginnings. They want to make a new home for themselves and their children, but often find that they have no immediate resources. Most are women that have been reduced to living on the streets; some are women who have children, and fled a violent situation with only the clothes on their backs.

Beds, household items and monetary donations can be the beginning of a new life for those who are homeless, and left with just the clothes on their backs. Basic furnishings can allow women to leave a shelter and create a new home that will provide them with comfort, security, and self-respect for themselves and their children. Many of us may know someone who has gone through a similar situation, but felt helpless to help them. Together, we can help!

We assist these women and children with providing needed household items and financial assistance once they have left shelters and transitioning into their new residence.  It’s done with the help and donations from individuals, private and corporate donations.  This allows them to live with a feeling of security and comfort.

Why not connect the source with the need?

Shelters give hope to battered and homeless women and their children who are trying to restart their lives. Can you imagine having your kids sleep on the floor and being unable to move into a safe place because you don’t have money for a security deposit, utilities or rent? Your household items and monetary donations may mean a child can sleep in a bed and not on the floor; a kitchen table and chairs may mean a family can pay the deposit to lease a safe place to stay.

How you can help

  • Operational expenses can add up quickly. Cash donations are always needed and are greatly appreciated.
  • We always need furniture, household items and appliance donations to support our auctions. Through auctions, we raise money to help these women to begin a new life.
  • We accept slightly used appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, deep freezers, microwaves, dishwashers, etc.
  • We need volunteers to help with furniture pick-ups, warehouse, and office work. Please see our “volunteers” page for further information on services needed.

Many of us are blessed with so much while there are many who are in great need. Here is a great opportunity to fill the needs of others that will serve to enrich their lives.